After listening

Exercise 02 :
a. New
b. Newspaper
c. Offer
d. On
e. Package
f. Probs (problem)

Decide if the following statments are true or false
1. Harry needs a jobs
2. Olivia thinks Harry is asking for too much money
3. Fadi brings his coffee to the table
4. Fadi is going to ask his father about harry’s offer
5. Olivia knows what “quid” and “grand” mean
6. Sarah wants to leave her flat

Series 01 Episode 03

Before you Listening
Exercise 01 : Match the words and phrases at the top to the definitions.
a. hang on
b. harm
c. I’m up for it
d. jobs page
e. keep ahead of the game
f. maintenance
g. take into account
h. upgrade

1. a section of the newspaper where jobs are advertise
2. This is a colloquial expression asking someone to wait
3. To consider or remember when judging a situation
4. To hurt someone or damage something
5. To know more about the most recent development in something than other people
6. To replace existing software with a newer version
7. Upkeep of something to keep it in good condition
8. Willing and able to do or take part in an activity

Task Conversation about the Ten Years’ time

Lena : Hi,.. Indry how are You this week ?
Indry : Fine thank you and how are you?
Lena : I’m fine thank you
Have you ever heard about Sherly go home before the end of her course last week?
Indry : Oh yeah, I heard about that too. What did you think of it?
Lena : Hmm,.. I’m not quite sure what the problem is, maybe she have the urgent problem, but for
Me, I have to find out what is the probem and if I knew it, I will continue my course because I’ve paid dearly for it dan of course it’s important for my future too.
Indry : The same with me
Lena : By the way what will you be doing in ten years’time?
Indry : hmm,.. of course I will be married and have two kids, boy and girl, and live at my favorit home with my great husband, take care of them and many things, and you, what will you do in ten years’ time?
Lena : I expected that I have my own school, right now Iearn as Student University at UKI in FKIP – English and I want dedicate my knowlagde to people’edge and I made a corporation with foreign people and hopefully they interested to my school and made a program about education in Indonesia, and I loved to build thee character of my student so they can face the future with tough spirit. And fairly sure I’ll be married and possibly have children and important thing is I’ve got husband who have the same vision and mission. Oh,.. thanks Godif that’s happenened
Indry : yeah I’m agree with you and hopefully the future that will be happened
Come on we must go to class.


Active Sentences  :

A sentence is written in active voice when the subject of the sentence performs the action in the sentence.

Example  : The girl was washing the dog.

Passive Sentence  :

A sentence is written in passive voice when the subject of the sentence has an action done to it by someone or something else.

Example  : The dog was being washed by the girl.



S + V1 (S/ES) + Obj S + Be (is, am, are) + V3 + By + Obj
S + V2 + Obj S + Be (Was/Were) + V3 + By = Obj
S + Will + V1 + Obj S + Will be + V3 + By + Obj
To Being to  :  
S + To Be Going + Obj S + To Be Going to + Be + V3 + By + Obj
S + Has / Have + V3 + Obj S + Has / Have + Been + V3 + By + Obj
S + Be (is, am, are) + Ving + Obj S + Be (is, am, are) + Being + V3 + By + Obj
S + Was / Were + Ving + Obj S + Was / Were + Being + V3 + By + Obj
S + Had + V3 + Obj S + Had + Been + V3 + By + Obj



Modal Auxiliaris :
o Can
o Will
o Should
o Must
o Could
o Shall
o And so on


o Lin will send it
o Lin can send it
o Lin Must send it
o Lim May send it

o It will be sent by Lin
o It can be sent by Lin
o It must be sent by Lin
o It may be sent it by lin

Another Example :

A : Someone must mow the grass today
P : This Grass must be mowed today

A : You should not feed candy to babies
P : Babies should not be feed candy

A : People can not control hurricanes
P : Hurricanes can not be controled